Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sissy Replication and Storage

A Technologist Tale

When I saw this image, I immediately pictured 'The Technologist' running some sort of sissy copy experiment.  I didn't immediately write anything up for it, instead just saving in the background while I worked on "Life's A Beach".  I figured if it still interested me after I finished, I would write it up.

Well after posting that cap... yes it still interested me.  But I doubt that many people will agree.  Its not sexy, and it doesn't involve someone getting transformed.  It's more of a character building cap for an already established character.  And as the Technologist is currently involved with Smitty's "Smitty Vs Everyone" series, I didn't want to place this directly in that story line.  So no mention of smitty, smitta, magic or anything.   This could be set before he even met Smitty, or during the current story (as I always pictured him working on multiple projects at the same time).

I tried to show several things about the Technologist in this cap.  First was his desire to not only create the perfect sissy, but also to have many of them.  Another was the fact that he was getting close to the perfect sissy (in this case jessica).  Also to show that his sissies not only were objects for his amusement, but when trained enough became his own helpers (jessica training the other jessicas).

I'll admit that I didn't put much effort into the design.  Its hard to work with a square image, and I didn't want to cover up any of this interesting photo. As I wanted this to be just a snippet or side story, I figured less design work would suit it better anyway.

Oh, and since I can't seem to shake the desire to work with The Technologist, I've added a category for him.  Between smitty's category for him and now mine, it should be easy enough to read his whole story.


  1. Was it this blog that had the occasional picture of a guy with some hypnosis type stuff beside it? If so, why can't I find them anymore?

  2. Thank you for your kind comments about this cap. ;)

    Seriously though, I think you are looking for "Deep Down Desires" ( and "No More Stealing for Ronald" (

    Those are the only things I can think of that I've done that match what you are looking for. If these aren't what you were looking for, then you were probably thinking of a different blog.