Monday, April 23, 2012

This is how to treat her Right!

If she can't tell you how to treat her, she'll show you!

OK, this is a return cap for a fun one that JPL Debi made for me at the Haven.  The main theme that I think Debi likes, is having his wife or girlfriend changing him into a girl so he can either produce children, or experience what it is like to be a girl.  This is backed up by her preferences, although she does list more.

So I went looking for a fum picture.  The pic in the first panel caught my eye, and I got a fun little story about how his wife changed him into her body, so that he could experience the physical want she has.  The cap would be short and breezy, and really be about him getting up the gumption to masturbate in her body, and therefore avoid having to fuck a guy Debi set up for him.

But many external things happened that kept altering this cap.  The first thing was that when I was about halfway done with writing out the story I got interupted.  My brother brought over his kids for an out of the blue visit.  Now I normally hear him drive up in the driveway, or at least hear my dog go crazy when they walk in.  But this time I didn't know they were here until my nephews were knocking on my computer room door.


I don't think I've ever saved a picture and word document, while simultaneously saying good bye to someone I was talking to, and then getting the computer off so quickly.  It left me a little frustrated as i was in full Caitlyn mode (it's not like I was dressed up as Caitlyn or anything, it was all mental.  But still...) and having to deal with my 8 and 10 year old nephews, that simply wanted to talk about a game on the computer tat they play.

It was a good visit overall, as I was able to get the mask off and be 'Uncle Chunky" (Don't ask... its just a nickname), to them.  When they finally left, I got back to capping.  But I've been having a... well.. its not a fight, or a disagreement, but I've been having an issue with a close friend online.  It's one of Caitlyn's friends, so when I logged in everywhere, that issue came back into focus.  Sadly dealing with this issue takes me from Caitlyn, to Calvin, and back very quickly.  It really kills my mood for writing anything, and I ended the day without finishing the cap.

The next day was much the same.  Visitors and that issue keeping me from capping.

So this morning, I figured I would quickly get back into it.  But when I looked at the picture and what I had written.... I got nothing from it.  It was dull, sad, and just not interesting at all.  I couldn't remember how it was supposed to be cute as the story was just flat.  So I had to start clean.  I kept the same basic premise, but remembered that the image set had more than just a woman sitting in her bed.  The majority of the set is her having sex.  So I went back... but it took me about an hour to track down the photo set.

When I did find it, I looked through the images and found the one I used in the second panel.  The story evolved to this:  Mac's wife tells him that she has strayed.  He gets really upset and they have a fight.  She ends up changing bodies with him, saying that after he's been used like a slut he would understand, and then be allowed back in his body.  The first panel could set that up, and the 2nd panel would be him mentally accepting it, and finally submitting to 'her boyfriend'.

The writing was going o.k, but another problem came up.  My mouse.  For the past few weeks I've been having a problem with my mouse.  Only about 9 out of 10 'clicks' with the main button would register.  It was pretty easy to ignore for awhile, but in the last three days its gotten much worse.  Now only about 1 in three clicks register.  I was at the point that I would click on anything at least twice before seeing if it took, as the first one never seemed to take.  It's bad enough while browsing the web, but working in Photoshop?  Forget about it.

So I did what any techie would... I took the mouse apart.   Now before you roll your eyes and breath 'nerd' under your breath, understand that this isn't a $10 cheapo mouse.  I bought this about 5 years ago and paid close to $100 for it.  Its the Microsoft Sidewinder.  It's great for gaming, but even better, its great at Photoshop.  It has a very high DPI, has added weight, and when you put those things together it moves like butter.  Smoooooooth.

I didn't want to give that up.  So I got it taken apart, but craked the case of it.  It shouldn't be TOO bad, but I knew eventually it would need to be replaced.  I cleaned it out (very dirty little mouse) but didn't find anything really wrong.  Hoping that it just needed a cleaning I put it gently back together, hooked it up to the computer, and.... nothing.

The computer didn't even see it.  I fiddled with it for a bit, and got it to kind of work (the main buttons worked, but the scroll wheel didn't), but it still had the problem.  All I ended up doing was cracking it and make it worse.

Thankfully I have an extra mouse sitting on a computer that gets barely any use.  It was a gift for someone, but soon after they received this mouse (a Logitech MX-1000 Wireless), they also got a laptop, and barely used the mouse.  It wouldn't be the same for gaming (different button layout, not as heavy, and wireless lag), but it should work fine for Photoshop.

I grabbed it, cleaned it off (just the dust off the outside.. I wasn't about to break this one!), and hooked it up.



So using just the keyboard I went to Logitech's site figuring it needed some drivers that Windows didn't have.  No dice.  After installing them, the damn thing still just sat there uselessly.  Only after trying another USB port did it work (I eventually found a big hunk of dust clogging the original port).  So to get used to the new feel, I browsed around the web for a bit.

And found that this mouse has the same god damned problem.   Most clicks work, but some don't.  And it won't hold a 'long' click unless I press down hard on the very end of the mouse button.  So even working in Photoshop is a pain.

Instead of going back to the cap, I went online shopping.  I didn't have the money to buy another $100 mouse, but I did find the Microsoft Sidewinder X5 at Walmart for under $30.  I was very excited until I found out that the X4 wasn't the next generation Sidewinder, but an actual step back.  Same layout and most of the features, but no extra weight, and cheaper materials.  

But hey... at $29.74 (how they hell do they come up with these weird prices?)  I couldn't complain. It should be here between 2 and 5 days.  I could have saved the $2.97 in shipping by doing the 'Ship to Store' option, but they said it would be at the store in 5 to 14 days.  I'm not waiting that long!

With the knowledge that it will be here soon, I went back to the cap.  But when I went to write it, I kept putting more detail in.  So I had to expand it with another panel.

And then another.

I wasn't upset, as I think this story is now a lot more fun, even if it's long winded.  The design wasn't anything special, but that's mainly from the mouse problems.  I was in the mood to do something different, but I wasn't about to spend more time than necessary letting the mouse piss me off.

So here it is.  I think it's overall good.  It does feel like something that started out as a small idea that got expanded upon, but I don't think it's too obvious.  I hope JPL and all of you enjoy it!


  1. Now there's a lesson I would love to learn!

    I think it like great even with your troubles with the mouse. I just use a cheap 10-20 dollar one myself, an when it breaks I just shell out for a new one. usually find out I had a spare sitting in my desk drawer the next day though. I hope the new mouse works out well for you!

  2. You know you're a geek when you have backup mice .. I have about 5 at home because I do PC repair work for other people .. so I have to have USB mice, ps2 mice, etc ...

    I really do love the Microsoft wireless 5000 .. and I've found them on sale at Staples for 19 bucks .. and when I do, I usually pick up 3 or 4 at a time. It works for me because I use it both at work and home, AND with kids and other various things roaming around and snapping off he wireless dongles, I go through a mouse every 10 months or so. The main reason I like the Microsoft 5000 is that its WIDER and more substantial than most of those tiny other mice they make now and do have a bit of heft to them. Of course, if I really wanted ot get something spiffy, I'd probably get THIS fully customizable mouse:

    or the Rat9 which is pretty much the Rat7 but wireless. Up until the Microsoft 5000 I avoided wireless because of (to me at least) a perceptible lagtime from movement of mouse to movement of cursor on screen.

    Sorry to hear about your issue with a Caitlyn friend. Hopefully it will all get straightened out soon and you'll be back in happy Caitlyn mode again!

    1. For a backup mouse, the 5000 looks fine. But two things push my mouse selections. Hand feel (needs to be good and smooth for Photoshop), and Gaming. I have become so accustomed to having two thumb buttons for gaming that anything less would be a significant drop back. So the 5000 would never be my primary mouse.

      I looked long and hard at the Rat series of mice. I love how customizable they are and if not for one thing it would be a dream mouse. Vertical thumb buttons. I love the Sidewinder's thumb button positions. Sadly everyone other manufacturer goes with the horizontal layout. And for now, the price was also a factor. I couldn't pass up practically everything I want for $30 (the only thing the SideWinder X5 lacks is extra weight).

      And I agree about wireless. I just don't like it. The lag is almost imperceptible. Almost. But Almost isn't good enough. I also don't like the idea of my mouse 'losing power' when I am using it. Sure changing a battery or putting it on its charging station is easy, but it isn't as easy as NOT changing a battery and not putting it on a charging station.