Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Best Friend to Girlfriend

Its a long trip, but well worth it!

So I've had this idea going in the back of my head for realfield for quite awhile.  I know she likes the idea of an alpha male crushing her will, and remaking her into a submissive bimbo.  But I felt that I had already done that for her a couple times.  My idea was making her into just a little bit more... something in my head that I called an Alpha Siren.  A former man so submissive, so willing to please her new Alpha stud, that she goes out and gets other's to be made over.

I figured the cap would more or less be the Alpha stud talking to 'Candy' about their newest transformee, and making comparisons.  Stuff like 'Oh see how quickly she takes to taking me into her throat?  I think it took you about 3 weeks of daily practicing to get that good at it!' and 'Well you certainly set the bar high Candy, I think she's gorgeious, but no one is a sexy as you are!'.

I really liked the idea as I figured it would be a whole new kind of humiliation and submission.  It stayed within the realm of the Alpha Male, but added to it as well.  Sadly, my mouse broke at the wrong time, and I wasn't able to (well... willing to) work around it and make a good cap.  But with my new mouse in hand, I was ready to tackle it.  I figured I needed a good set of a threesome.  Two women and one man.  Ideally I wanted one girl to look serene, while the other one was more nervous.  But this set was as close as I could get.

The biggest problem was the look on the girls face in the first panel.  I loved the girl blowing the Alpha Stud. She looks so new and helpless.  But the other girl wasn't serene... she almost looked upset.  Pissed.  And no matter what I wrote, I couldn't make that look work with the 'Alpha Siren' idea.

After quite a few false starts, I just decided to drop it.  Instead I would go down the more familiar path of a man making Carl into Candy.   And since I did like these images, I just stayed with it.  Candy was now the helpless girl, while the other woman was really just someone for the Alpha Male to talk to.  I think that gives it a kind of special thrill.  I mean just picture it... you've been turned into your buddy's girlfriend, and have to submit to him while he tells some stranger about what he's done to you.


It hits me, and I hope that hits realfield too.   Once I got rolling, I kept adding more and more.  From some of realfield's comments I realize that she really likes the longer transformation.  It shouldn't be quick and easy, instead it should be long and repetitive.  Unfortunately I had to take some out... I had just gone on to long about the porno, and Candy's first blow,  and felt that those scenes were a little more squirmy.  So they stayed and a paragraph of Candy learning to walk in heels got cut.  Unfortunatly I forgot to save it, but it was much like watching the porn.  She had to walk feminine, then once she got that down, she had to wear one inch heels.  When she was good at that, she had to walk sexy, swinging her hips out.  Then higher heels, then crouching down in heels, then kneeling and getting back up.  then sitting.... I wish it could have stayed, but that repetitiveness was already represented, and it would have required another panel.  And if I added another panel, I would need at least two more paragraphs.  So... cutting it was really the best choice.


  1. Being deceived by my friend, gradually hypnotized and conditioned into becoming his docile pet. Such a squirmy fantasy you've captured here! I do so love the porn scene, I can almost see myself there, my head resting on my friend's hard on.

  2. Absolutely love it. Thanks and I always love reading about the process. It was a sheer delight.

  3. Sexy and skillfully done. I love it.