Saturday, April 14, 2012

It Feels So Real

Never put a strap on in your mouth with your eyes closed!

So the last few caps I've made haven't exactly been 'clean', but they certainly haven't been the 'smut' that I often make.  This wasn't necessarily on purpose, but I was letting myself get caught up with less than smutty images so that I could try my hand at making cleaner caps.  And I also seemed to be finding 'dirty' pictures that made me write softer even cleaner stories.  And once I posted "Milk Maid" this evening, I realized I only had one cock on my front page.  And that one belonged to a cap that isn't my normal smutty self (although I do really like "Love but not at first").

So... with that in mind I closed off the lovey dovey clean portion of my mind, and opened up the smut dungeon and let the gal out.  I figured I would need a blow job pic (those are always my favorites), and would work with a cross dressing idea.  So, ideally no breasts.

When I found this pic, I almost skipped right by it.  It showed breasts, and I didn't want a long leadup of hormones, body suits, or some other way to explain them away:

But the more I looked at it, the more an idea came to me.  Bored couple wants to spice up their life so the wife makes her husband into her lesbian fantasy.  Or so he thinks.  She makes him over into a sexy girl, all the while planning on bringing her real boyfriend into their life.  Yes... simply story, but most porn is.  In fact that might get some sort of porn award for story telling.  

Thankfully I saw that the image was just plain huge (2000x1333), so I could crop out her breasts and the logo, and still have a tallish cap.  It worked fine, and even left a nice open empty space to put the story in.  

The story was fun to write.  About the only thing I did differntly was purposfully leave off the zinger.  Something like 'but when I opened my eyes I was horrified to realize that I had a real cock in my mouth'.  The more I thought about the zinger, the longer it got.  I actually had about a paragraph of the wife talking, going on like  'that's my good slut... ah ah ah, don't try to talk with your mouth dear, I told you I was getting you ready for my boyfriend didn't I?' 

In the end I didn't want to extend the story and I just figured the picture and story set that moment up good enough.  


  1. I'm glad you didn't ad the zinger at the end. I think this is MUCH hotter as is. It's the build up to this moment that makes it work so well. all of the training, the trust, the fantasy.. it's all so wonderfully erotic and almost.. familiar!

    It's a very simple idea, but it's one i think a lot of us would love to experience or would fantasize about. You brought the caitlyn touch to it and really made it sizzle!

    1. If we know Jennifer, its ALL about the anticipation .. and the participation too!

      And holy shit! That thing looks like it should have a nozzle at the end and be riding on the back of a firetruck!

  2. Even without the zinger, its still a juicy caption. Jus that picture alone as my mouth watering, and the story is a fantastic accompaniment. It's so close to fantasies I've had, yet told so much better.

  3. You made the right call with ending the caption when you did. I'm always in favor of leaving captions more open ended and letting the reader fill in the rest. It promotes more reader involvement with the story plus it can appeal to a wider range of tastes (that's an unfortunate pun) in how the husband reacts.

    1. An 'unfortunate' pun it may be, but it got me laughing. A lot!