Saturday, April 14, 2012

Milk Maid

Ahh modern criminal justice!

So I woke up with the urge to cap this morning.  I did my normal morning routine, but quickly went to look for an image to inspire me.   But when I started, I got quite a scare.  You see while I used to use Google Images for my primary search, I've really become quite fond of fuskator.  They (so far as I can tell) host the images on their own site.  So I'm not bouncing around from pay site to pay sites looking at the 'preview' images that you get from so many thumbnail galleries.  About 80% of the galleries are series images, so I can go from a single picture, up to a dozen images for a cap if I wanted to.  It loads fast, and  most importatnly it has a lot of variety.  It has amateur images right next to professional studio shots.  It has 'beauty' shots (fully clothed and not even a PG rating) all the way up to Hard Core XXX Make A Sailor Blush images.  It has bondage, costumes, lesbians, groups, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, Asians, Latinas, Europeans, Americans, Indians (both dot and feather), African Americans..... it has everything that I want.  When I'm in the mood to cap, it has yet to fail me.  And a lot of the time when I'm not in the mood to cap, it gets me there.

And when I went there this morning... it wasn't there. Every other site I tried was there, but Fuskator just wasn't.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement.  As I was in the mood, I tried some old sources (like Goggle Images, PersianKitty, and a couple model sites), but they just didn't have the variety, and ease of use I've grown accustomed to.  To be honest, I can actually say that Fuskator is at least partially responsible for my uptick in capping these past few months.

Thankfully it seems to have just been a burp in the system.  It was back up in a few hours.  But man... I was next to tears for those few hours.  When I went looking I wasn't in the same 'needtocap' mood that I was in earlier, but I still felt that I could make one.  And after the fourth or fifth gallery, I came upon this image.  I normally don't pay to much mind to images of a clothed woman, slowly undressing then posing nude.  They just aren't my thing.  But this had several things going for it.... the background wasn't busy, but had some character to it.  Her dress was rather old fashioned, and she had her head cocked to the side like she was almost trying to hide.  Oh yea... and nice tits.

Between the bucket, the old fashioned table, and her dress, my first impression that she was at a farm getting ready to milk the cows.  That made me think of a story I read awhile back on fictionmania about men being turned into women just to produce milk (pregger fans would have loved it as they were almost constantly pregnant!), and also a story about a company wanting to collect and sell human breast milk.  Seriously.  And for some reason I also thought of a cap I saw a few days ago about the Santorum Chastity act (Rick Santorum wins the election and makes a law requiring all women living at home to be in chastity.  I tried to find the cap and link to it, but I just can't find it now).

So... put all those together and I got the vague idea of a man sentenced in some future draconian justice system to be changed into a woman to replace the milk he had stolen.  And of course he doesn't realize that HE will be producing the milk, and not milking cows.  The story really wrote itself at that point.

I think its an o.k. cap.  I tried to stay with the colors used in the photo, but design wise it's just a bit off to me.  I can't put my finger on what exactly is bothering me, but something is.  Anyway... enjoy!


  1. Mmmm boobies... Wha? Sorry, lost or a second. Love the story and the image is just well, you know ;) I can't help but wonder if that company has some sort of internship available.

    I'm glad to hear that fuskator isn't gone. I've only used it once myself, but I was looking forward to using it again.