Friday, April 13, 2012

[Question] I wonder if you would take... a look at my new blog?

I'd love to take a look!

I wonder if you would take the time and take a look at my new blog? i am new to captioning but realy enjoy it. Your work is sooo good i would be grateful for any tips thankyou.

I'm honored that you would even ask, and really appreciate you enjoying my work.

I guess I'm not sure if you want me to look at and offer tips on your blog, or your caps, so I'll go ahead and do both.  First up, the caps.

You have a really unique style of storytelling.   Most tg captions include the photo and the text all in one graphic where you separate them and have a more fluid story including photos and text side by side. It does allow you more freedom, but it has several natural limitations.  The first being that your caps will only look good on your blog.  I know we all assume that our blogs will be up forever, but I've seen many good blog go bye bye.  Some because the blog mistresses decide to take them down (generally during a 'purge' cycle), or through some tech problem (or just Google demanding 'proof' of identity).  Another limitation is the design of your blog.  If you decide at a later time to make the post area of your blog wider, it may change the way your caps are lined up.

That being said, it looks like you have a wonderful story universe set up.  And I love that you are looking for other people to bring into it.  Now while some artists can take a story universe and run with it (just look at smitty with his Smitty universe!), it can creatively put you in a box.  A person comes into sissyland to be transformed, and is made into a woman using tech/hypnosis/training.  I'm sure there are many variations on that story, but it is still just one story to tell over and over.  Now there are fans a plenty that will come and read every story you write there, so I wouldn't worry about people/fans getting burned out on it... but as an artist you very well may get burned out on it.

Now with only six or so caps to work from, its hard for me to really give tips.  But the first and all important tip is this:  Keep Experimenting.  You can experiment in your story by working how its told... is it told by the subject going through the process?  The person putting them through the process?  With a narrator?  Through dialog? Inner thoughts? Memories?

You can also experiment with the design.  If you stay with the blog formatting you are limited to what HTML can do with your text, but that still offers a lot of variety.  I see you have some of the pictures with text on them, and that will give you more ways to experiment.  If you move into a self contained cap (photo and all of the text in one image, or several images if you do a series), then there are plenty of ways to experiment with the design.  I don't like ever saying that there is a 'good' design or a 'bad' design... there is simply what you like to see.  If you see something that you like... copy it!  I've done that over and over and over.   Almost all of my design elements come from seeing someone else do it.  Sure, I put a lot of elements together in my own 'style' but I almost always saw someone else do it first.  Tilting the image?  Someone else did it before me.  Putting the title over a text box?  Someone else.  Adding a 'glow' effect around the image? Someone else.

Don't ever stop changing.  Your style should never be 'complete'.  It can always be improved.  That being said, don't let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of a good cap.

I guess that's all I have to say about the caps themselves.  Wait a minute... (reading back through what I've written).  Oh yea.. forgot to mention this.  Nice caps!  I like the stories you have so far!

As to the blog itself.   It's a nice effort, but it looks like something that you just put up.  That's not a bad thing, as you DID just put it up, but it could be smoother in a lot of ways.

First,  lets work on that title.  sissyworld-sweet-ar-tg-captions doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  Its a great url for a blog, and should get you traffic, but I am a firm believer in a real title.  For example, just from my blog roll:  The Feminization Station TG and Sissy Captions, Candys World of TG & Transformation, Dee-lusions of Grandeur, Modern Goddess: The TG Shrine of Decadence, Jennifer's TG caps of Defiance, Steffimariechen's Naughty Bits, Lady in my Dreams, and of course Caitlyn's Masks.  Something like these would help you stand out from the world of 'Soandso's TG caps'.  I really think that just calling it Sissyworld, would be nice.

On to the design.  I'm a firm believer in color management.  You'll notice that I went with black and pink.  Almost every single thing on my blog is a shade of black/grey and pink.  The text, links, titles and graphics all match up when they can.  In yours I see mainly orange and teal.   To me at least, these colors don't really go well together, and neither really say 'sissy' to me.  I'm not saying you have to use pink... but if you focused on one of those colors and used a neutral accompanying color (white/grey/black), it would really let the color pop.

I love that you have your disclaimer up.  Far to many artists think that they 'own' the images just because they altered them.  I love seeing the respect that you put up in telling people that you will remove images if they own them.   And letting people know that it is an adult (over 18) blog is good, but by the time they get into your blog, its a little late for that warning.  What I would do is have a copyright/disclaimer page.  If people are interested, they can click through and find that information.  Most people won't be interested though.  As for the adult, if the uk version of blogger is the same, you should have the option to declare your blog as adult.  That will give people the warning page before they come in.  These two things would let you clear out that space, and instead you could put something up that tells people what your blog is about.   A welcome statement, if you will.

I see that you have your Blog Archive and 'About' widgets up.  I would also suggest putting up a follower widget.  This will easily let people follow your blog and be notified when you update. You could also use a page brake in your posts.  This will let you show the first image and text, then add a 'read more' link below that will take people to the rest of the post.  This lets your page remain a little less cluttered.

And if you are interested in keeping tabs on your viewers and what they are looking at, and when they are looking at it, you can always add Google Analytics.  Its something that will be in the background that offers much better information (like visitors as opposed to pageviews).

Now that I've written all that up, I want to say that you should always follow your own path.  If you like the suggestions I offer, then by all means implement them.  If you don't like what I say... then ignore it.   I can only offer up my opinions.  You'll notice that most of my 'opinions' would make your caps more like mine, and your blog more line mine.... that's simply because I like what I do and how I present my work.  But that's me.  I want you to be YOU.  The most important person you can make happy with your work is yourself.  And if you aren't happy with it, then it doesn't matter how many other people like it.

Again, thank you for asking my opinion, and the kind words for my own work.  I hope you have a blast!


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  2. The only thing I'd probably add to what Caitlyn has already said is this, "Proofread! Spell check! Proofread!"

    Some people are really bad spellers. There is still no excuse though for "realy" or "hte" and mistakes like that. Those types of typos will be found by ANY spell check.

    For instance, at the start of one of her blog captions I see THIS as the first sentence .. "These are the inturns accomadation, each seperatly designed for the sissies specail needs." .. 4 typos and two issues of "possession, not plurality" plus one issue where the word is singular and should be plural. It is obvious to me that this was NOT spell checked, and if they don't care to do a bit of quality control, why should I care in reading it?

    What is worse is that she seems to have a good imagination and could be someone to follow if she just exercised a bit more quality control. I hope I didn't sound too harsh, but things like typos tend to pull people out of the moment and destroy the mood.