Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Question] I'd like to see some more clean caps...

And by clean, I'm sure you mean a threesome in a bathtub right?

I'd like to see some more clean caps, I like nudity and all, but you're pushing it into overload!

Wow... I never honestly never thought I would get a question requesting a clean and/or non nude cap. Now while this questions came in yesterday afternoon, I didn't read it until this morning.  So "What are you staring at?" was not made in response to this question.  It's just a happy coincidence.

I'm honored that anybody would request a cap from me.  But lets all be honest.... 'Clean' isn't really in my wheelhouse.  I mean sure... I've done clean caps before.  But they were generally for someone that had 'clean' as one of their preferences (requesting caps that don't exceed R).  But this also begs the question... what makes a cap clean?  I ask because over at Dee's blog, we've been talking about what someone means when they request 'No Shemales'.  Is it just the picture, or is it the story that you would like scrubbed?

Dee's actually a pretty good example.  She doesn't want male genetalia anywhere near her caps, but I don't think that caps I've made for her are really clean as they all hint at (or overtly reference) sex.  Take a look at "This Doesn't Seem Quite Right", "Make The Voices Stop", and "Exec to Sec".  All are caps I made for Dee that don't include nudity, but I wouldn't consider any of them clean.

On the flip side, here are some that I labeled as clean, that DO include nudity:  "Interactive Art", "Break Free", "Please Wake Up", and "Promise".  I have more, but you get the idea.  I play a little fast and furious with the term 'clean' as I have it as a category.  But for the most pert if there isn't a reference to a sexual act, I consider it clean.  Seeing the subject nude, or partially nude doesn't make it dirty in my mind.  Clean doesn't not necessarily mean not nude in my book.  They are two unrelated subjects.

But all of the semantics aside, I personally don't lean toward clean caps.  Not in what I like to read, nor in what I like to create.  If a picture strikes me right (like recently the picture in "What are you staring at?" did), or someone has a specific request, then I'll make it clean.  But otherwise my mind wanders toward sex.  I think one reason is that I have a lot of respect for women...

o.k... don't laugh so hard, and hear me out

I hear a lot of people talking about how their life would be so much better if they were women.  I'm not referencing people that believe they are women trapped in a man's body, I just mean people that think the grass is greener on the other side of the gender fence.  Beyond some historical inequalities (like pay discrepancy), I don't see a lot of difference between male and female outside of sex.  And yes, I'm considering pregnancy a part of sex since it almost always requires sex to get pregnant (damn test tube babies!).

I'm a 38 year old man, trying to rejoin the work force.  I care for my family, I want to find the love of my life, I have my friends and hobbies.  I have my fantasies, and fetishes.  I've worked in both male and female dominated jobs.  And I don't think any of that would be different if in 1974 my parents welcomed a baby girl into her life instead of a baby boy.

So when I make caps of men turning into women, the obvious choice for me to show that difference is in sex.

BUT since you requested it, I will abide.  I plan on making a cap for Courtney over at the Haven today, and I generally make her clean caps.  Since I can't promise the cap I make for her will be clean, I will promise you a clean cap soon.  Maybe today, but that depends on my creative energy and finding the right image.

What I won't promise though is that I will shift gears and start making MORE clean caps than I do regularly. It just isn't what drives me creativly, and if I tried to focus on it I would eat up my creative energy making caps that I don't enjoy as much, and therefore would cap less.  I hope that's a compromise that you can live with.


  1. I always find caption requests like this odd because anyone who is a regular viewer of your blog would know what type of captions you create. This kind of request goes against the idea of what you!

    If it were simply a challenge, I might understand, but this kind of request seems to say "I like the type of work you do, but would you change what you do so it's what I like to read and see?

  2. I don't know... I was kind of touched by it. What I got from it was a that someone liked clean caps overall, and somehow got here. They liked my style enough that they put in a request for more of what they like. Sure, clean isn't quite my thing, but it can't hurt to ask. And it helped me to make a clean cap out of it (which I'll be posting shortly).

    So long as they didn't expect me to drop XXX caps all together, I think they'll be happy. And to be honest, with as few questions as I've gotten lately, I'm just happy to hear from someone new!

  3. The irony of all this is .. the captions with nudity and heavy sexual imagery seem to get the most hits on all our blogs, right?

    I tend to make at least partially clothed caption 85 percent of the time. Some of them are probably clean, but often contain at least the allusion to naughtiness. Then again, many of the clothed captions are what I would consider "EVIL!!" or "Wicked!" but not necessarily dirty either.

    I guess SMUT really is in the mind of the beholder.

    Cut and paste the link in your browser for what I was thinking of when reading this post.

  4. Oh yes. By far, the 'naughty' 'dirty' 'smutty' caps get the most page views. But to be honest, I don't really use that as a measuring stick on how 'good' something is. I use my own opinion, and the opinions of people I respect (most of the commentors here would be people I respect).

  5. No, No, NO!!! not Smutty caps.. Smitty caps *giggle*

    Sorry I couldn't resist :)

    To be fair, I think I dwelled quite a lot into the clean (aka no nudes, no explicit sex, no cocks!) Of course if that is for what you will understand as your vision of clean.

    Perhaps my own deviated vision have created: The Evil clean vision :) though I also tried cleans, with some funny and silly intentions and going into the Bimbo scenario...

    Otherwise clean means for everyone else: A crossdresser life, weddings caps, makeup caps, cute scenarios and such! (like I said, I tend to fill them with some dark parts, so maybe in the vision of others I still haven't created a clean cap)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra