Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Journal

Something a little different for me.

So I recently read Dee's conversation on preferences, and the idea of making caps with only a few restrictions on it.  It made me think of what I wouldn't want to give up in a cap made for me.  One of those, is memory.  If I don't remember it happening, by the way I think, then it didn't happen to me.  I know some people prefer this, and actively look for it though.

So I decided to try to make a cap like this. I've tried to work some of my non-preferences in before, but not one that I felt this strongly about.  And I think because I feel so stongly about, I kind of hedged my bet. Sure, Dani in this cap doesn't remember being Dan, but I still wanted to talk about what Dan went through.  Its almost begging her to make the connection.

About half way through this, I decided to make this for someone.  I didn't have anyone in mind, and instead of randomly searching through everyone's preferences on the Haven, I decided to look at who wrote comments on some of my recent caps.  This is what led me to Dani.  When I read her preferences, I didn't see anything about memory retention, so hopefully she likes it.  I molded the story to fit some of her preferences, but thankfully she doesn't have a whole lot of 'must have' preferences.  About the only thing I added, that I didn't originally have in mind for the story was 'Calvin' doing this for revenge.

I'll have to use comments (both here and at the haven) to decide if this was successful.  To be honest, it still isn't my cup of tea so I don't really like the story.  I tried to put my passion into it, but I really can't say whether this would hit the target for people who like this style of story.


  1. While not a mood killer for me personally, I can understand where you're coming from on the memory loss aspect. Despite your trepidations, j think it came out really well. I can almost see Dan's brain desperately trying to make the connection to his past, but being shut down by the extensive programming.

  2. I think its a pitty you don't like lost memory caption, because you do such a great job of them! I love how you introduced the story of Dan in such an ironic way.