Friday, April 27, 2012

[Question] Challenge time... AND.. this is a strange caption request.

Two Caption Requests!!

Hey this is a strange caption request, but... Can you do a caption were a mans wearing a female body suit. He then makes love to another man and when he is cum inside he is trapped as a woman forever. then a 8 month later picture as the former man is a pregnant woman? first time i ever asked anyone about making this fantasy into a visual one.

Request Completed:  All The Options


Been drinking again, and you know what that means.  Time for another of Angel's drunken challenges!  Does this make me a practitioner of the ancient art of Drunken Caption?)

Challenge time!  And this one is a doozy.  Feel free to decline, if you think it is too odd or too difficult.  But I'd like to see if you can make a caption based around the song and/or music video for Carly Rae Jepsen's "call me maybe".  If you aren't familiar, I've included a link to it.  The video always makes me laugh, and Carly herself is absolutely adorable.  I could totally see myself being just like her.

Of course, I am generally a fan of more erotic captions, but it given the challenge that may not be possible, so just see what, if anything, you come up with.

Request Completed:  Call Me Maybe

This first request actually came in last week.  I saw it late one night, and then completely forgot about it (I only log into wufoo when I see new ones, so I didn't see the request until a second question came in).

I will try to make this caption request happen, but it might take a special set of images to work.  Ideally I could see this being two panels.  The first panel shows either the woman alone, or 'in the act' with her man.   The story would be him getting the suit and getting into the situation that lets him have sex.  The second panel would then be the pregnant picture, and the description of his life for the past few months.  I could go a lot of different ways with the story, and the emotions involved (I see either desperate bitterness, or a special kind of reluctant joy).  But the pictures are the hard part.  To do it right, I would want the same woman in both pictures, but I don't have a store of images involving pre and post pregnatn women.  I could 'cheat' and have the second image be just of a pregnant belly, or have the first picture be just a close up of sex... but I would almost feel like that's cheating.

Regardless of the difficulty, I'll take the challenge on.  But it might be awhile (as I'll explain after I take on Angel's Drunken challenge.

Speaking of Angel... I don't know whether I should be honored or a little scared that you tend to request captions of me when you're drunk.  Having just watched "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol", I get the feeling like I'm receiving a new mission;  "Your challenge, should you accept it is... this challenge will self destruct in 5 seconds or upon sobriety"

Sure I'll take this on.  In case you haven't seen it, this is the video that Angel is asking about:

It's not a song that I particularly like, but the message could certainly be pulled into an interesting TG direction.  I'm not feeling a good 'erotic' vibe for it, but I'll of course try to find that as well.

Now the one thing about these challenges, is that they are both catching me at a busier point.  I currently owe captions to realfield and Evie (return caps).  I also just got an invite into Candy's "Slut Off" competition on the Haven.  So adding these two challenges brings me up to five captions.  That's not including any caps I make for myself.  So it might be a few weeks, but I will get both of these challenges up!


  1. So many captions to make and challenges to meet! Has your new mouse come in yet? I'm sure you'll want your vibranium shield before taking on so many tasks.

    Sorry Alectra, I beat you to it ;p

  2. HA! Sadly, no. According to the shippers website, my new mouse is 'out for delivery'. So hopefully I will be a new girl later today, ready to take on the world of returns, challenges and gaming again!

  3. Hopefully the mouse will come in today, cause everyone needs some sort of equipment for creation purposes. I think a wise goth chick once said,

    "Give a tool to a man, and he'll make a monument to greatness.

    Give a tool to Caitlyn, she'll probably suck the man with the tool off so well that he'll create a monument to her greatness!"

    1. And it did! I now have my MS Sidewinder X5 in hand! Its a little lighter than my old mouse (to be expected), but the movement and most importantly the buttons are back just as I love them!

  4. well i dont like posting links to pics but here are some you may be able to cheat with.

    sorry they are small

    1. I appreciate the nod to the pics, but yea... they are far smaller than what I'm comfortable using. I normally balk at an image smaller than 800x600 (or 600x800), and the biggest image there is 500x341. But don't worry... I'll get something for this.

  5. Okay and thank you for doing the body suit caption for me. *Blushes and looks down* Its kind of a fantasy for me.. And I really do thank you. if it happened to me i would be happy as a mother but upset at being trapped in the suit..well now my body.

    Just thanks again for taking up the idea.

  6. If you are just looking for pictures for before and after try Jenna Jameson. I just did a quick search from google and found several that might meet your size standard and along with that I'm sure there's a before photo you could use from the 3 million scenes she's been in.


    1. Thank you Jane! I didn't realize there were images of her pregnant. When I make finally do make this cap, I think I'll start my search with Jenna preggo images (as I know I can easily find a picture of her to use in the first panel.

      My only concern about using here is that she is such an iconic image. I don't want someone to read it as 'oh thats a Jenna Jameson Cap!', rather I would want them to read it as 'oh thats a nice bodysuit/preggo cap!'