Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Binds Us All

Could you work through Love like this?

So I had noticed Chasobeast (meisslave on the Haven) had written my several nice comments here.  Now I get a lot of nice comments, but they are mostly from people I know from the Haven.  I had seen Chaosbeast comment on some other blogs (and of course followed her to her own blog), but beyond that I don't know her.    So a couple weeks ago (at least I think it was a couple weeks... time has gone all funny on me) I wanted to thank her in one of the only ways I know how... make her a cap.

But I quickly hit a roadblock.  You see I've only made caps for people when I've read their preferences, so naturally my first stop was over to the Haven.  When I searched the trading area for 'Chaosbeast' I came up empty.  I searched for her chosen femme name of Kyra and also came up with nothing.  I didn't know enough of what makes Chasobeast moan/squirm so I didn't want to just write something out of the blue and guess at it. So I let it drop and went about my business for the next few weeks.

Well today I got that urge again.  I double checked my search again, but still no Chaosbeast or Kyra in the trading gallery at the Haven.  I knew that Candy (one eyed pirate at the Haven) had made some caps involving Kyra, so I double checked those.... but I still didn't think I had a good feeling.  Candy's caps for Kyra were of course flavored like many of Candy's caps, and I didn't feel that I was getting a good feeling for what Kyra would like (although I did enjoy the caps!).

So I wandered over to Kyra's blog.  Thankfully I quickly found something that would lead me to what I wanted.  I saw that she made a cap for totalditz over at the Haven.  Going back to the Haven, I opened up totalditz's trading gallery and found the cap that I saw on Kyra's blog.  It was made by 'meisslave'.  I found her gallery and finally got to read her preferences.

I like Kyra's preferences as it starts out with this:  "Please consider everything below as guidelines.  If you make a cap for lil' old me, I'll be extremely appreciative even if you don't adhere to my preferences."

She then lists several things she likes.  The part that caught my attention was: "One thing I like is being shaped and molded into a pet or plaything for someone else, especially with hypnosis or mind control"

I feel like I've written plenty of hypnosis caps recently, so I didn't want to go back to that.  But the idea of being turned into a plaything for someone else was intriguing.  With that idea in mind, I went searching for images to use.  Admittedly I was thinking of a woman giving a BJ.  The initial story I had in mind was a guy who's friend's mother turned him into a girl so that his buddy would settle down and marry.  I mean who better to marry than a woman that acts just like your best friend (except with a healthy desire to have sex)!?

But when I saw this image... well I had to cap it.  The look on her face is just the perfect mix of surprise/pleasure/shock.  As I admired the image for a few moments (stared at it and drooled), I realized that my basic story would still work.  Just instead of getting changed into a girl to get his friend to marry him, he would be changed into a girl to keep his friend from every marrying.

The story started out slow for me, and to be honest I focused on 'Keith' talking to 'Ms Smith' for a couple more paragraphs.  I just kept writing and when I finally finished it, it was easy to go back and merge the four paragraphs down into two that told what I needed told, and dropped all the rest.

It isn't quite the gut punch story I had in mind, as I think this actually comes across as kinda sweet.  But I think its still within Kyra's preferences.

Anyway... Thanks for all the kind comments Kyra.  I hope you like it!


  1. I love it! Its a beautiful mixture of sweet and twisted that just makes me want to squirm with delight. I especially love how my love reinforces the obedience spell!

    I didn't realize it would be so hard to find me on he haven. Funny story about that though. There is a chaosbeast account that I created a few years ago, and then forgot about. When I went to return to the haven, I couldn't remember the password. I imagine its something complicated that I though would be easy to remember at the time. I tried to recover it, but the email address associated with it is similarly barred to me. So I created a new account and learned to make simpler passwords.

    1. Well like Caitlyn says, everyone thinks of you as Kyra anyway!

      Fantastically sexy cap by the way Caitlyn, squirmingly delicious... love to see a woman enjoying herself and your description of the pleasure is spot on.

  2. what a delightful romantic caption. Nicely done.