Sunday, November 8, 2015

Conniving Roommate

I never thought he'd do this!

I knew my roommate Roddy was a conniving scheming twerp, but I never thought he’d do this.  He never seems to DO anything, he just takes advantage of any opportunity that drops into his lap.   I wonder if Mary knew that… Roddy’s scheming ways were part of her plan.  Her curse was simple, but devious.  To cure me of my wandering eyes, she made it so that anytime I looked at a beautiful woman I’d start becoming more feminine myself.  Living on campus never seemed so cruel and by the time the first week went by I already had long sexy hair, smooth skin, and the beginnings of two pert breasts. 

You just can’t go out on campus without seeing a beautiful girl, so I decided my only recourse was to stay in the dorm room.  With Roddy.  Maybe he didn’t know and those viewings were accidental.  Maybe Mary told him, and Roddy was just setting me up.  It doesn’t matter why, what’s important is that whenever I came out of my room Roddy was watching some sexy woman on our big screen TV.  Whenever I wasn’t looking he was putting up posters of sexy babes, or hanging up photos of his lovely sister.  No matter what I did or where I looked, all I saw were the beautiful women that continued to change me. 

It only got worse when we argued.  By this time he knew what was happening to me and I was just begging him to let me go a week without seeing something sexy.  I shouldn’t have called him those names.  But as hurt as I made him feel he shouldn’t have destroyed all my clothes.  He shouldn’t have put up all those mirrors.  He shouldn’t have bought me that lingerie and dresses. 

Roddy has me over a barrel now.  If I don’t get him to take down those mirrors and get me some regular clothes, I’ll never stop seeing myself.  So I did it.  I agreed to let him see me in all my feminine glory.  He loved my breasts and played with them for a full ten minutes.  I hate to admit just how good that felt.  When I took of my panties and showed him how small my cock had gotten he just smiled and had me sit on the edge of the couch.   Opening the bathroom door I saw the large mirror there… reflecting back a shy exquisitely gorgeous girl… reflecting me. Before I could move, he was behind me.  Cupping my tits, pinching my nipples, and caressing my soft skin.  As his hand stroked up and down on my thighs I could actually watch the final transformation happen. 

As my cock shrunk up inside of me it was followed by Roddy’s fingers.  My world exploded in horrible pleasure.   I could barely hear Roddy over my desperate moans.  “She said that once your body was finished, your mind would start to change.  Let’s see how much of a slut you can become!”

source:  fuskator


  1. Very hot indeed. I feel like I am beginning to sound like a broken record in your comment section, but it's still true!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments! Like most people, I love hearing that a cap (or obscura in this case) struck a nerve. In this instance I didn't like it when I posted it. I felt that the story kind of lost it's way and wouldn't make sense. Getting two comments makes me re-think that opinion!