Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Did We Get Here?

Inviting a man into our bed is a long story

OK… I’ll tell you how this came to be.  Mika will be home in a couple hours though, and I want both of us to be ready for her when she gets here.  When I met Mika I thought we were perfect for each other.  I had just broken up with a girl whose vanity rivaled that of a professional model.  She had just broken up with a guy who would rather spend an hour at the gym than 20 minutes cuddling with her.  We just… fell in love.  I felt so comfortable with her that I didn’t hesitate to tell her about my fascination with TG fiction.  She had never heard of such a thing, but she started to enjoy it too.  She’s find some sexy cap or story and send me the link.  Later we’d read the stories together and then make mad passionate love. 

When she said she wanted to try it, that she wanted to try femming me up a bit, I was hesitant.  I really had no desire to be feminine.  Sure, I wasn’t one of her former beefcake previous boyfriends, no offense intended, but I never thought of myself as a girl either.   I agreed to it, if only because she was so excited by it.  I figured it would be a little quick fun.  And at first it was.  Shaving all of my body hair off was so erotic especially when she rubbed that lotion all over me.  When she sat me down in front of the mirror and put the makeup on me she just chatted away like she was talking to one of her girlfriends.  And when she put that wig on and took 10 minutes styling it out… well I was surprised at how feminine I looked.  We read one of our favorite stories, but instead of fucking afterwards, she undressed and had me put on her clothes.  Heels, stockings, and panties.  We made out as two giggling girls just softly kissing and caressing each other.  My tongue got her off at least three times while we lied in the 69 position.  She never took me into her mouth though… she just licked and kissed me.  We were both surprised at just how powerful an orgasm can be without penetration. 

For a while that was enough.  We’d bring ‘Caity’ out to play every few weeks, but otherwise kept up our normal lives.  But the stories that turned Mika on started to change.  More and more often they focused on a woman forcing a man to live like a girl.  Sometimes they’d involve subjects I had shown no interest in.  Things like lesbian bondage.  Cuckolding.  Mistresses and slaves.  When ‘Caity’ did come out to play, she started to add these new ingredients to our lovemaking.   I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I didn’t really seek it out either.  Seeing her dressed up in that leather skirt and bra… that was hot.  Having her ride me while wearing my fake breasts and tied up to the bed was so damned sensual. But her crawling up my bound body and forcing me to lick my own cum out of her hot pussy… well at least she thought that was erotic. 

Our first ever fight was a normal run of the mill argument about bills.  Nothing special about that. But our second ever fight was when I first denied her.  She wanted me to go out to a lesbian bar with her as Caity.  I told her it was just too much for me.  That I would be so embarrassed and wouldn’t possibly enjoy myself.  She tried using that tone… that bedroom Mistress tone… but when I said that I absolutely wouldn’t do it, it just turned into a fight.   I thought that we’d reached our limit.  I would willingly be her girl Caity any time she wanted in the privacy of our home, and that she’d respect that limit.  But the next week she asked again.  Well… she didn’t ask.  She told me that we were going out.   Another fight. 

When she asked the next weekend, I still refused, but relented enough to be Caity all weekend.  From Friday night until Monday morning I dressed, walked, and talked like her girlfriend.  I can’t say that it wasn’t fun.  Every little act took on a significance and eroticism that wasn’t there before.  Saturday we were just two girlfriends living together.   Sunday we took it a step further.  I don’t know where she got the French maid’s uniform, but it fit me like a glove.  That was the first night she used her strap on.  Being so feminine all weekend prepared me for it I guess.  Kneeling down in front of her and giving her ‘cock’ a long sensual blowjob didn’t’ exactly feel right.  But it didn’t feel wrong either. 

That became our new normal.  From Monday to Friday we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  We worked, we played, we made love.  From Friday to Monday we were… girlfriends?  Mistress and slave?  Woman and sissy?  I dressed up, we played, we made love. 

When we got married I thought that maybe it would fade away.  That we’d just be husband and wife.  But that thought was dashed away on our honeymoon.   Our first night as husband and wife, I wore the white lingerie.  Our first night as husband and wife wasn’t spent as Calvin and Mika, it was spent as Michael and Caity.  That night I lost my virginity to her strap on.  She didn’t even pack me any men’s clothes to wear… so I spent my entire honeymoon as Caity.   Sometimes she was ‘Michael’.  Sometimes she was Mistress.   Only rarely was she just Mika.

When I started working from home, Mika saw it as an opportunity to take our game further.  I wonder if my clients realized that I was designing their logos and laying out their corporate flyers while dressed up as a school girl.  Or if they imagined I was making their web pages while sitting on a vibrating butt plug.  I let my hair grow out and even let Mika hire that stylist to come in and weave those extensions into my hair.  It was the first time anybody beyond my wife saw me as Caity.  I’ll freely admit that I was prepared to tell her that I was letting my wife feminize me for our mutual fun, but I never had to have that conversation.   She never suspected I was anything other than a girl.  While that shook me to my core… that a woman could be so close to me for hours and not see a hint of my masculinity… Mika used it as proof that we should go out.  That no one would recognize me.  That everyone would just see us as two girlfriends going out on a date.

The club experience was…. Well it was amazing.  Even wearing that little plug up my rear was amazing as it gave me just the right wiggle as I walked.  Mika went all out on my outfit.  I was shocked at how much she spent on the breastforms, but I have to admit that they looked so real.  I must have spent half the night looking down at my own cleavage trying to find the makeup covered seam.  I couldn’t ever find it without lightly touching my own chest. 

The next big event in our lives was starting the business.  Mika was confident that between my design skills and her salesmanship, that we could carve out our own little corner.  Our business focus would be on servicing woman owned businesses.  So that’s how Caitlyn’s Design Studio opened it’s doors.   Mika was the face of our company, but I had to make a few appearances.   I never showed up as Calvin… Caity was the one the business owners wanted to meet.  I don’t think it was until June of that year that it hit me… I had been Caity continuously for months.   I hadn’t penetrated my wife that entire time.   Somehow over the three years we had known each other, I  had changed from a closeted TG fan with no intention of every fulfilling those fantasies… to living them out twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 

I think it was then that I gave up any hope that our marriage would ever be ‘normal’.   I stopped thinking of this as sacrificing for Mika and just enjoying the ride.  Mika was so excited and happy that night that we spent an hour crying together.  Have you ever cried in happiness?  No… I guess guys don’t do that.  That’s the night that Mika put me in the chastity cage.  She promised that my sexual needs would be met in other ways.  I didn’t object… it’s not as though I was giving up sex.  As I said before it had already been months without me penetrating her.  Later that month we started the hormone therapy.  Neither of us really thought it was necessary… I was already so feminine in just about every way.  But the surgeon demanded it.  He said he wouldn’t implant breasts into a man, but that he would do breast augmentation on a pre op transgendered woman.  It took about 9 months for my breasts to grow in.  The day before the surgery I could barely fill out a training bra.  A month after the surgery I was the full B cup you see now.  

When did we decide upon tonight?  Well… it came from the chastity cage.  My sexual needs were being met in other ways, but Mika was giving up a big part of our love making.  I could use toys and things, but it just wasn’t the same.  So yeah, the very thing I said no to... being cuckolded… is what we decided upon.  I don’t even really think the term applies.  It’s not like I’m going to be off in the corner watching some man do my job.  I’m going to be right there participating.  You won’t penetrate me, although if we all feel right about it I might give you some oral pleasure.  When Mika gets home we’ll have dinner together.   We’ll have some desert and drinks in the living room, and again… if we all feel that it’s right, we’ll move up to the bedroom and make love.  Fuck. 

So.  You’ve heard my story   You know that Mika and I are in love, and that our marriage is stable.  That you’re role here is to be a man, and fuck my wife like she hasn’t been fucked in years.  That once we’re all satisfied… maybe tonight, at the latest tomorrow morning… you’ll leave.  That the only way you’ll ever come back here is if Mika and I both want you to come back.  Are you ok with that arrangement?  Good.  Then go ahead and finish your drink while I go get ready.  Mika will be back anytime now. 

source:  fuskator 


  1. Long read, but worth it! Great story, Caitlyn!

  2. I normally don't read long stories but I loved this! It just drew me in. The world needs more Mikas :-)