Monday, November 16, 2015

Membership Requirements

Help a brah out!

OK Charlie, we have to talk quick before the brothers start waking up.  All of the frat was so impressed that I could find a girl like you to bring to the party.  You nailed the roll perfectly.  Especially the way you flirted with Brad.  Now I know that I promised to get you out of here in the morning and use the reversal spell to get your body back… but there’s a couple problems.  First, Brad was really taken with you. He thought that you shuddering while your hand rubbed his crotch during that slow dance was one of excitement and anticipation.   You see… well the guys here really live by the bro code.  Bros before Hoes and all.  He said I could assure my acceptance in the frat if I let him sleep with you.  Or at least get a blowjob. 

NO! I wouldn’t do that to my friend!  Well… not exactly.  I had to think quick and I told him you were a virgin.  He said he understood.  That I could take your virginity, but I would have to share you in a different way… that I’d have to let them all watch.  I told them that we’d do just that this evening.  That everybody could watch us have sex.  Don’t look at me like that… I figured that we’d get the spell book in the library, change you back, and then I’d just tell them all that you ran off. 

Yeah… well that leads me to the other problem.  It seems they caught one of the other pledges with the spell book.  They kicked him out last night and locked the book up.  All the brothers have a key to the safe, but as a pledge…. Well I don’t.  The only way I can get to the book now is to get accepted into the frat.  And um… well… if my girl runs out on me, they won’t let me in.  And if I… well.. If I don’t share my girl, they won’t let me in either.  OH shit… here they come!  Just… just act like you did last night.  All giggly and flirty!

Good morning guys!  What?  No, Tiffany would love to make us all something to eat. No, she doesn’t need to get dressed… we’re all in our underwear too. OK Tiffany, you get that cute sexy ass in gear and make my future brothers and me some bacon and eggs.  We have a big day ahead of us and a big night tonight!


  1. a great little story but i have a feeling he well find a lot more excuses not to change Tiffany back

    1. What a clever set-up. You made Tiff's situation inescapable. And as Ian wisely observed, her friend might not be in a hurry to change anything, including her.