Thursday, November 26, 2015

Just Like Her

Maybe finding out what she is before would be better?

The rumors were everywhere.  That behind that innocent smile and nervous mannerism she was a cold hearted bitch.   That she was a virgin and was just honestly afraid of having sex.  That she was a slut and that her innocence was just a disguise.  That any boy who tried to bed her was beaten by her over protective father.  That her mother refused to allow her any friends. 

All I knew is that nobody would approach her, let alone talk to her.  And that wasn’t right.  At first when I tried to talk to her, she just ignored me.  When she realized that I could talk for a long while and carry the entire conversation she tried telling me to go away and leave her alone.  And I might have… if I hadn’t seen a sadness behind her eyes.  It took me two weeks of ignoring her pleas to leave her alone before she broke down and told me why she didn’t want my attentions. 

I joined her tears as she told me of her curse.  That every time someone touched her, they would take on that physical aspect.  That if they held her hand they’d get her small demure hands.  That if they rubbed her leg, their own legs would grow long and curvy.  That if they kissed her, they’d get soft feminine lips like hers.  When I reached out and took her hands in mine she stared at me, mouth agape and asked breathlessly “Why?”

As promised, I felt the curse course through me.  My hands grew soft as my fingernails grew out.  When they stopped shifting I rubbed my new soft hand against her cheek and told her that if the cost of being close with her… of being intimate with her..,  was turning into a girl, then I was willing to pay that price.   She seemed even more upset but took me up to her room.  I helped her undress and paid so close attention to every part of her.   I rubbed her feet until I could feel my own does slide off on their own.  I kissed her belly until I felt my six pack abs disappear.  I ran my hands through her hair until I felt my own hair brushing over my bare back.  I caressed her face until the mirror showed me as a cute young girl.  I nibbled at her breasts until she was teasing at my own budding pair. 

I paused long enough to ask her if I was doing something wrong… that it honestly didn’t bother me to be a girl.  That we could be lesbian lovers and I wouldn’t care.  Her sad expression made me work all that much harder as she said “Don’t stop… it’s not right if we stop half way.  When you’re finished you’ll realize why I’m so sad.”

As I kneeled before her and spread her thighs wide I said goodbye to the last vestage of my manhood and started licking her delicate petals.   When my own pussy was finished, my mind joined my body and I realized in horror why she was so sad. 

I backed away with a tear streaming down my cheek.  “Oh God…. You’re not attracted to girls… and now neither am I”