Saturday, November 14, 2015

Failed Pets

Not all transformations work out.

When I submitted to Mistress Ravencroft I thought it was out of love.  Her cool soft confidence.  Her commanding presence.  Her sensual way of moving.  Her impeccable and undeniable sense of style.  So when she said she’d take me on as her pet I was overjoyed.  The only thing that tempered that joy was her demand.  I understood and accepted her demand of complete submission, but she told me that she would remake me into my ideal form.   The form of a woman. 

I may not have ever been an idealized version of masculinity, but I never considered myself feminine.  My submission, however, was complete.  If she saw me as a woman in man’s form, then it must be true.  My transformation started on my first day on her estate.  My body was shaved smooth, my hair was cut away.  My name was discarded along with my clothes.  I began as a blank slate, ready to be redrawn.   It seemed that this was Mistress Ravencroft’s method.  I was adopted along with four other men.  All of us started the same… shaved, bald, naked, and nameless.  I just assumed we were all going to move along the same path.   But where I was given lacy white panties to wear, the other pets were given white boxer shorts.  Where I was given the name Jennifer, they were named Aaron, Calvin, Jeff, and Damien.  Where my body and facial hair was laser removed, theirs was allowed to grow back.  Where the hair on my head was allowed to grow out long, theirs was kept short.  Where my exercises involved stretching and toning, theirs involved weight and sports. 

It took me a long time to see it, but I slowly realized I was Mistress Ravencroft’s only pet being feminized.  The boys were encouraged to treat me like a girl, while I was trained to inspire their advances.  The hormones took me a long way.  They kept my skin smooth and gave me subtle curves.  When my budding breasts stopped growing my owner took me in for breast augmentation surgery.  I was so nervous when I woke up, but Mistress was there smiling down at me.  Her softly spoken words “My pretty pretty girl” made my heart flutter. 

I took to my training was more difficultly than the other pets, but I wasn’t the only one having trouble accepting my new lot in life.  Where my difficulty was submitting as a girl, Calvin was troubled by any form of submission.  At first I found his attention to be troubling.  While the other pets would flirt with me only at Mistress’ command, Calvin did so at every opportunity. There were times where we’d earn spankings together.  Him for forcibly kissing me.  Me for not submitting to his kiss. 

As time moved on the three of us all came to the same realizations.  Mistress Ravencroft was not interested in a female pet.  The more feminine I grew, the less responsive she became.  Calvin was not interested in being a pet.  The more strict Mistress grew, the less responsive he became.  The most shocking realization was my own.  I was not interested in being Mistress Ravencroft’s pet.  The more demanding Calvin grew… the more responsive I became. 

I was heartbroken when Mistress let Calvin go.  She consoled me as best she could saying that while he could thrive on the outside world, I still needed further training.  Further enhancement.  I of course never doubted her words even as I cried kneeling before her… she was the one that saw through my masculine charade before I did after all.  My behaviors continued to be honed until I was as feminine as Mistress herself.  My sexuality continued to be shaped until I was able to accept and please any lover, man or woman.  My body continued to be molded until I was as sensual as any woman.  The last thing to be changed was my vestigial penis.  The day of the surgery Mistress surprised me.  She said that when I woke up my training would be complete… and I would be forever out of her service.  She would always be a mentor and friend, but neither of us were suited to this mistress/pet relationship. 

I was so nervous when I woke up.  Even through the bandages I could feel my complete feminine body.  I was so scared at the implications.  Three years ago I was a man… a sheep lost amongst all the wolves of the world.  Now I am a woman, but still a sheep, and still lost.  As my eyes open, however, my soul sours.  Calvin is here smiling down at me.  His softly spoken words “My pretty pretty girl” makes my heart flutter.

source:  fuskator

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