Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Looking Down, Looking Up

What do you see?

What do you see when you look down here at me?  A sexy woman bringing you to the peak of pleasure?  A ring seeker trying to win your favor?  A slut trying to scratch an itch that she’ll never satisfy?  Oh I’m sorry… is that distracting to hear me in your head?  Don’t worry… it just means that we’ve made a connection.   Something I’ve been trying to do for years and years now.   God, how many times have I dropped to my knees and taken some guys cock into my mouth?  Hundreds?  Or is it thousands now? 

It doesn’t matter.  Because you know what I see as I look up at you?  The very same thing you see… my future.  You see this very same thing happened to me.  That sexy forward girl with the wet hair walked up to me, pressed her wet body up against mind and started kissing me.  She didn’t let me even return the kiss before she was kneeling down and taking me deep into her throat.  OH yeah… my throat feels so good doesn’t it?  Well it took me a good long time to get that technique down.  Trust me, your gag reflex will be so hard to over come, but keep pushing it and you’ll get past it. 

When I heard her voice in my head I kind of freaked out.  But that was nothing until I realized that I couldn’t move.  Have you even realized it yet?  That you can’t move away?  That you can’t even pull your hips back?  I bet you have.  Here’s the zinger… when I get you to cum straight down my throat it will be the most amazing orgasm of your life.  But it won’t end… you’ll feel yourself pulled right down and into this body.  You’ll even feel me moving up through your body.  And then you’ll be left here… kneeling down and looking up at that arrogant smiling face. 

My smile won’t be from the orgasm… though at that point you’ll be tasting it and I won’t have to live through that humiliation ever again.  No, that smile will be from me realizing my dream of freedom.  No more living the life of some cock crazed slut, blowing every guy she sees just trying to get it just right.  Trying to match up what she remembers.  Try and focus on it… maybe it won’t take you as long as it did me.  Wet hair, wet body, deep throating, looking into your victim’s eyes, talking to his mind… it’s all important. 

Oh my… did I just feel you start to grow harder?  Is that precum I taste now?  It looks like we’re almost done here.  I wish I could say I’m sorry… but I’m really just happy to get out of this.  I wish I could say that you’ll find something to enjoy in your new life… but you’ll probably find nothing but struggles.  I wish I could say that I would stay and help you out… but I know the magnetism of that body and I don’t want to be anywhere near you when the pheromones start up. 

Good luck baby!  

source:  fuskator 


  1. How imaginative. Wait until the new occupant of that sexy body discovers that he won't be too particular about who he goes down on. The urge is so strong that he'll accept any guy, even if they are fat, ugly or old. Ewww.