Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Help With Tucking

You can always use a helping hand!

…but out here?  In public?  No no… you were right about those things too.  Waxing has gotten my legs much smoother… although I still don’t understand why I had to have a brazilian since no one is going to see me without these daisy dukes on.  And yes, the hair extensions look a lot better than the pageboy cut I was going to get.  Well, sure the breast forms were worth the extra money.  Stuffing socks in my sisters bra wouldn’t have let me wear a top like this. 

But I did as you said.  I have the gaff on, I just didn’t pull it up tight.  Lemme find the nearest ladies room and I’ll go fix it.  Fine… FINE.  Just do it quick!


source:  fuskator

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