Thursday, November 5, 2015

This is for me

All of this is for me

When my ex-wife had that spell cast on me and turned me into a woman I didn’t know what to do.  Alone in our two bedroom apartment I tried to be ‘normal’ for a couple days.  But my sweats didn’t fit right… too loose in some areas, too tight in others.  My long hair was constantly getting in the way and it was almost impossible to keep it in a ponytail.  Worst was any time I had to use the bathroom… it’s hard to forget what type of body you are in when you have to sit down every time and your large breasts block the view down below.

I eventually called up my friend Calvin.  It took a lot of convincing, but he finally believed I was his buddy Alex.  As he always does, he looked at this situation with logic.  As he saw it, I had two options.  1, fight it.  But fighting this would be hard as the body was so overwhelmingly feminine.  I couldn’t tape the breasts away and my face didn’t look at all like a man’s.  Sure, I could wear jeans and tee-shirts, but I’d still look and move like a woman.  I’d never be accepted as I wanted to be and therefore would constantly be struggling to find happiness.  2, I could dive into this new life.  Be as feminine as possible in every way imaginable.  It would be difficult to give up the trappings of manhood.  I’d have trouble accepting it at first but the short struggle to acclimate would lead me to a happy woman’s life.  

Calvin lived up to his word and helped me out.  It started off with the simple things.  Clothes weren’t just woman’s wear, it was the girliest of girls clothes.  Short skirts and silk stockings.  Lacy panties and push up bras.  Low cut blouses and three inch heels.  Grooming was a struggle.  Taking care of this much hair just has no masculine equivalent and it would take me hours to get it looking presentable.  Makeup was even worse, and eventually Calvin sent me to a stylist to learn how to do it properly.  We agreed that him calling me Alex was going to be a problem so he decided my new name would be Alexis.  And just to emphasize my new feminine nature he added a middle name… Alexis Michelle. 

Those were all things I expected.  Clothes, hair, makeup, and a name change.  But Calvin pushed deeper.  He admitted that it was a bunch of anti-feminist actions but that by accepting them I would see myself as more feminine.  After I accepted my new female life we could back it up and I could live a more normal woman’s life.  First was him moving in.  My place became his castle, and he was king.  He introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend and used all manner of nicknames for me. Kitten, babe, sweet cheeks, babykins, sugar pie.   I had to cook all of the meals and even had to take a basic cooking class.  While I served him steak with a red wine shallot sauce, I had to eat almost nothing but salads.  He made me go to the same gym for my weekly workout but weightlifting was replaced with cardio and yoga.  I read nothing but women’s magazines and watched nothing but women’s television. 

Three nights a week he’d take me out.  I was never under the illusion that these dates were for him, but he had to feel pretty good being seen in all the hottest clubs with the sexiest girl there.  Learning to dance fast in heels was hard, but slow dancing was even harder.  Feeling him wrap me up in his strong arms did more to make me feel feminine than all the thongs and dangly earrings in the world.  Calvin was nice and let me take it slower on the intimate side.  We wouldn’t kiss in public, but after every date we’d spend an hour or so kissing and petting on the couch.  Eventually I started sleeping in the same bed as him.  He stopped wearing pajamas so that I could wake up next to a naked man while wearing a sexy baby doll. 

We agreed that this task wouldn’t be complete until I could have sex with a man.  It was pretty extreme and we both wondered what it would do to our relationship, but experiencing and enjoying that most intimate of acts on the receiving end would show that I’ve truly accepted this new life.  We started toward that goal slowly.  Each night I’d have to kiss him for several minutes before going to sleep.  Once I could do that, I had to do it while holding his cock.   That progressed to me squeezing and jacking him off until he was hard.  That graduated to me finishing the job and having him cum all over my hand and his belly.  Eventually I stopped using a towel to clean up the mess and just used my lips and tongue.  

Now here at the beach we’re moving on to the next step.  If somebody told me a year ago that I’d find myself giving my best friend a blowjob I’d have laughed at them and then knocked their ass out.  But as I take his hardness between my lips… as I flick my tongue along the sensitive head… it feels right.  I’m sure Calvin is enjoying himself, but this isn’t for him.  This is for me.  His hard on is for me.  His moans and groans of pleasure are being made by me.  This act of giving makes me feel sexy and loved and special.  It makes me feel like a woman. 

Calvin will be the one who gets the orgasm, but this act is for me. 

source:  fuskator 


  1. Wow! Unbelievably amazing. Great post, Caitlyn!

  2. That Calvin is quite the manipulative bastard ,, I am jealous! LOL

    I'm sure that is the same method people use to learn languages too, though I'm not sure there is Rosetta Stone - Girl Edition out there to help with the situation so Calvin did his best to be .. ROCK HARD!