Thursday, November 19, 2015

VR Massage

Technology is a wonder thing... right?

OH Hey!  My virtual massage chair arrived!  This thing is a top of the line, best of the bunch, amazing technological wonder.  It’s realistic visual enhancers will let me see whatever it displays, magneto electric force fields will let me feel everything from the table, to hands, to other more intimate body parts.  And it even includes the body enhancer… it can make me feel like I have the body of a body builder!

Let’s try this baby out!  Ugh… it says the complete setup will take over an hour.  Let’s do the quick settings and give it a try.  Gender?  Well I obviously don’t want to be massaged by a bunch of guys, so FEMALESexual Content?  That’s why I bought the damned thing, so YESGender Attraction?  Uhh… well I want the massage ladies playing with me and not each other… STRAIGHTBody Enhancement?  Umm… sure, maybe it will make my cock bigger!  YESAssisted Body Positioning?  Umm… I have no idea what that is.  Let’s go with YESExit Parameters?  Let’s see what the options are… time, voice command, physical motion, orgasm count.  That sounds awesome… let’s go with THREE ORGASMS

Damn warnings… Please Confirm Your Selection:  You Massage Will End After Three Orgasms – Your Body Will Be Assisted Into Various Positions – Your Body Will Be Enhanced To Fit All Parameters – Your Masseuses Will Be Straight – You Will Experience Full Sexual Contact – You Will Be… fuck this shit…. ACCEPT.

Oh wow… this feels amazing!  I can feel the leather of the table under me and even the sunlight streaming through the window.  Ohhhh…. And their hands feel so good!  I’m surprised they don’t feel softer.  I’ll have to tweak the parameters for the second time.  Wait… is she moving my long hair out of the way… I wonder what it made me look like.  Must be some dude with a mullet.  Just something else to change later.  Mmm…. She’s not wasting any time getting her hands on my ass.  Ahh… yea right in between and…. OH FUCK!! Is she sliding her fingers INSIDE... Oh I shouldn’t have opened my eyes… why am I being massaged by a couple of dudes!?  Oh double fuck… it made me a WOMAN!  VR Chair Stop!  VR Chair Exit Program  VR Chair Command Prompt  OH yeah… no voice commands.   This won’t stop until I have three orgasms.   Well let’s just… hey buddy!  Stop playing with my tits!!... get off the table and masturbate a few times then I can start over. 

Unnghh… it’s not letting me move?  It’s positioning me for… OH SHIT!!!  VR Chair Emergency!!  SHUT DOWN!!! No don’t put that…. MMMphh!!!

source:  fuskator

This is another example of me being inspired to the point of story theft.  I'm a big fan of TG Comics, and they recently added the second chapter to Infinity Sign's Fool's Jewel 2.  If you enjoy XXX rated TG and comicbook style 3D renderings, then you need to read the Fool's Jewel story.  Specifically the second chapter of part 2.... You'll immediately see where I stole this idea from!  

Let's not call this idea theft... let's call it an homage!  Yeah... I'll feel less guilty with that!  


  1. A fabulous story and homage.

  2. Great post! VR has been in the news more and more and this is always what comes to mind every time I see an article!