Monday, November 23, 2015

I Knew You Couldn't Resist

You can keep her!

AH HA!!!  I knew you couldn’t resist fucking my femmed up room mate!  What the hell’s wrong with you Rob?  Uh huh… it was an accident?  You just fell down and your dick landed in her ass?  Try again asshole.   Oh?  The little sissy begged you to fuck her?  Well I happen to know that’s just not possible.  She’s not doing this willingly!  I blackmailed her into it!  Of course I did this… I wanted to find out just how much of a horn dog you are.  I guess I have my answer now…. You’ll fuck anything that wiggles in the right way.   I guess it doesn’t matter that the wiggle comes from glued on boobs.

Shush sissy.  The adults are talking now.  No he’s not going to stop fucking you.  You heard me Rob… keep it up.  How?  Well it wasn’t easy.  I caught the little perv looking at that TG porn I found on your computer and took her picture masturbating to it.  I promised her that if she did everything I said, I’d delete the photos.  I swear, you guys will do anything to protect your damn reputations.  I had her shave smooth.  I started dressing her up every morning.  I had her practice her voice.  I started calling her Dianna whenever we were home.  I even had her practice on that strap on you bought me.  You know, the one when you were trying to talk me into some perverted threesome?  Is this what you were imagining?  You, me, and some femmy girly boy?

Well I’m done with you.  I’m not going to waste my time on a boyfriend that would rather fuck a sissy than a real woman!  In fact, I’m going to make sure you two keep on being a couple.  For the next two months I want to see you two out as a couple every night.  I want the whole campus to be talking about my ex-boyfriend and his new girl.  How they go dancing and out to the movies all the time.  How he can’t keep his hands off of her.  How they got kicked out of the movie theater because she tried giving him a blow job.  If I think you two aren’t playing it up right or aren’t fucking like rabbits every chance you get I’ll let everyone know that the new tart you’re out with is my old room mate Dave! 

No babe… just enjoy the first of your many fucks of your new ‘girl’.  I’ll get my stuff and move into the neighbor’s apartment.  Tomorrow you’ll get your stuff and move in here with your sissy plaything.  Oh and Dianna?  Sorry to get you stuck in this silly fight… but you really do make a good sissy.  Try and enjoy yourself!

source:  fuskator

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  1. Don't you just hate it when you get caught in the middle of another couples argument ? or in Dianna's case on top, underneath and in between.