Monday, November 2, 2015

In The Clear

What get's you in the clear?

Caleb was always a good friend.  He was always so logical and saved my bacon on more than one occasion.  So when I failed to make that payment to the loan shark, he was the only guy I felt I could trust.  He said I could move in but after a day or so the word on the street reached us… the loan shark I ripped off was connected.  And they wanted to make an example out of me.  Caleb, standup guy that he is, didn’t even consider throwing me out, but did say that I would need a disguise. 

I didn’t like the idea at first, but Caleb calmly explained it.  They were looking for a blonde average looking guy, so I couldn’t be any of those things.  If I was going to be in the clear, I should hide out as a auburn haired sexy woman.  I couldn’t go out, so Caleb came back with all the supplies we’d need.  Red hair dye, nair, and some girls clothes.  For a week or so that seemed like enough.  Sure, it was embarrassing to have Caleb see me all made up, but if it kept me safe it was worth it.  When we heard they upped the bounty on me, Caleb said we’d have to up our game.  A trip to the stylist got me these hair extensions and a humiliating lesson on how to style it as well as how to put on makeup. 

Caleb took me shopping for more clothes, but while we were debating over what type of underwear to purchase… me arguing for normal cotton wear, Caleb arguing for sexy lingerie… one of our friend spotted us.  I was thankful that he didn’t seem to recognize me at all shocked when Caleb introduced me as his new girlfriend.  He later explained to me that for him to be in the clear, he had to have a reason a woman was living with him.  One that wouldn’t leave suspicion that it might actually be me under theses skirts and blouses. 

That quick impromptu explanation damned me.  Caleb said that we had to back it up as he had a reputation of being a ladies man… so if I was going to be the girl that got him to stop running around, I had to look the part.  Worse, I had to act the part.  My clothes got sluttier, and I was started on hormones.  The hormone treatment gave me smoother skin and a small pair of breasts, but also made me more emotional which just enhanced my fears of getting caught.   Going out with Caleb was ok at first.  Dinner and an occasional movie just so that we’d be seen… but Caleb wanted it to be convincing.  We started kissing more in public.  We started going out to clubs where we’d dance for hours.  

At one club we saw Tony… the loan sharks bag man.  He had been sniffing around Caleb and we needed to get him off the trail.  Calebs suggestion was awful but he was right… it was something I’d never do in a million years.  Letting Tony see me pull out Caleb’s cock and give him a hand job seemed to do it… we didn’t see Tony again.   I thought I was in the clear, but Caleb had his doubts.

Caleb was right about that and about this too… he did this to all of his girls.  Some liked it, some didn’t… but there they all were.  We had been going out for 8 months now and I was his only girl to not have a photo of us fucking posted online.  We talked about ways to pose it, and decided on him taking me from behind.  I figured it would be the best way to hide what remained of my cock and my long hair could hide my smaller breasts.  Caleb said that the photo was too important to fake, and after trying a few times I had to agree… I just couldn’t fake looking like I was really getting fucked.  The expression that I have here is perfect.  It should be… that’s the expression all of Caleb’s girls have when his 8 inches are fully inside of them. 

With that photo posted, and with everyone seeing Caleb and I going out, nobody suspects anything.  When I suggest that maybe we could fake a breakup Caleb disagreed and said that if we broke up so soon after they called of the search for me it would throw suspicion on both of us.  He figures that we should go out for at least three years… after that I should be in the clear. 

source:  fuskator 

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  1. A classic "TG fiction" scenario...and you nailed it (pun completely intended).
    Hot, hot, hot.